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Please consider contacting the local politicians and staff to share your support for Flag Raiders.


City of Cambridge:

Mayor Kathryn McGarry mayor@cambridge.camcgarryk@cambridge.ca

Councillor Donna Reid reidd@cambridge.ca

Councillor Mike Devine devinem@cambridge.ca

Councillor Mike Mann mannm@cambridge.ca

Councillor Jan Liggett liggettj@cambridge.ca

Councillor Pam Wolf wolfp@cambridge.ca

Councillor Shannon Adshade adshades@cambridge.ca

Councillor Scott Hamilton hamiltons@cambridge.ca

Councillor Nicholas Ermeta ermetan@cambridge.ca

City Manager David Calder calderd@cambridge.ca

Deputy City Manager Hardy Bromberg brombergh@cambridge.ca

Region of Waterloo:

Chair Karen Redman kredman@regionofwaterloo.ca

Regional Councillor Helen Jowett hjowett@regionofwaterloo.ca


Regional Councillor Karl Kiefer kkiefer@regionofwaterloo.ca

Region of Waterloo Chief Administrative Officer

Bruce Lauckner blauckner@regionofwaterloo.ca

We do own the property on Kossuth Rd. in Cambridge, and could operate there in short order, if given permission.  

We are also looking for alternate locations.  Do you have an idea?  Please let us know if you do.  Email info@flagraiders.com (click here)


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