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Flag Raiders Paintball is currently without a home.  We have been actively searching for a new location since January of this year.  An outdoor paintball requires very specific zoning or a municipality willing to favourably interpret the zoning to permit a recreational use. 

One possibility is the return to the Kossuth Rd. location where Flag Raiders operated from 2000-2008.  We have been in discussions with Staff at the City of Cambridge about this possibility and we need your support!

We need your help in two ways.  First you can fill out this quick online petition to show your support.


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Take just a few seconds to sign and share this petition!

Secondly, if you could please contact the local politicians and staff to share your support for Flag Raiders. Let them know that you want Flag Raiders to stay in business!  Tell them how often you visit, whether you are local, where you travel from, how you and your family visit other businesses in the area while you are here.  

Please be kind and polite.  Let’s show everyone how awesome the paintball community is!

Email Here

Let these politicians and staff know how important Flag Raiders is to you!

We do own the property on Kossuth Rd. in Cambridge, and could operate there in short order, if given permission.  

We are also looking for alternate locations.  Do you have an idea?  Please let us know if you do.  Email info@flagraiders.com (click here)

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Drop us an email and we will get back to you with answers right away!

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