Team Building

Team Building nourishes the rapport of a group and help members connect and understand each other on a unique level, as they collaborate for a common goal.

Team building activities also bring different sector groups together to increase engagement between departments. This improves the entire group’s communication and enables the organization to achieve their business goals more efficiently.

A Team Building Event focuses on a number of skills including:
– Fostering group bonding and enhancing group dynamics
– Building trust and effective communication
– Setting and achieving goals
– Creative problem solving and developing strategic proficiency
– Eroding stereotypes and nurturing inclusiveness
– Celebrating wellness

Our dedicated and professional team of Adventure Specialists will create and cater to the needs of your organization with special games and detailed instructions. When you arrive, your team will be provided with everything they’ll need to play. Gear, ammunition and catering upgrades can be added at your request.

Flag Raiders Paintball boasts accessible and inclusive fields where all participants from all back grounds and skill levels can play together. Choose from the rugged, multi-terrain outdoor field in Kitchener, or our climate controlled, flat surface indoor field in Waterloo. Ask us about our Paintball and Tactical Axe Throwing Packages, too!

To book your Team Building Event, please fill out the form below. Our customer service specialists will reach out soon to customize an event for just you.

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