Team Building:

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Our dedicated and professional team of Adventure Specialists will create and cater to the specific needs of your organization with special games, instructions and advance reservations on equipment. Schedule your next outing, company picnic, project completion or sales conference with us and give your staff an opportunity to break away from the daily routine. Many organizations compete regularly as a means of “blowing off steam” as paintball is a great low impact physical and mentally therapeutic activity that each and every member of your team can enjoy. With the help of Flag Raiders Team Training Days individuals learn to work together as a team towards a common goal. Paintball helps to rekindle team spirit, to improve group dynamics, employee communication and problem solve all in real time- traits that are much needed in today’s dynamic workplace. Call Flag Raiders today to book your next conference, sales meeting or corporate retreat, at our location in Cambridge or at the location of your event. The Flag Raiders Corporate Commando Team have worked with many conference coordinators and conference centers in the past to integrate paintball in to the conference or meeting plan. Flag Raiders can bring the power and success of paintball to your next off-site conference, just ask us how. Let Flag Raiders harness the inner strengths of your team members develop a winning strategy today!