Become A Member And Start Saving On Your Entry Fees And Paint Today!

Dual Park Membership Now Only $99.00 

Join the ranks of the most savvy paintball players in Southwestern Ontario…  Become a V.I.P. Member!
Each membership is valid 365 days from the date of purchase.
The average Flag Raiders membership is paid for in less than 5 paintball experiences!

Your V.I.P. membership includes:

  • Membership to both playing parks, indoor and outdoor
  • $6 walk-on to every scheduled game (excluding Big, Scenario and Special Games/Events)
  • New exclusive member product deals
  • Unlimited 3000psi and 4500psi fills (while playing)
  • 5 cent paintballs for members only
  • 10 %off most products at our retail locations, some exclusions apply!
  • Save 10% off most products in our retail store, some exclusions apply.
  • Save $10 off the hourly tech fee
  • $20 for Phoenix Projects or big Games when you pre-register
  • No charge loaner marker at the field. If yours goes down, we’ll lend you one!
  • Includes two free paintball sessions for friends or family
  • Save time Members are excluded from daily rule and orientation (one time annual rules needed)

Choose from our gritty cutting edge outdoor scenario field or our fully turfed multi-field indoor facility.  Both playing parks offer speedball and recreational fields.  Whatever you’re game, we’ve got something for you!  We were the first to bring paintball to Waterloo Region in 1983 and we’ve taken our love for the game and built two of the best parks around.  We don’t just do paintball, we are paintball!  We set the trends that other fields follow!