Does Flag Raiders host Airsoft games?

We host Airsoft events at our Outdoor location.

Our massive multi-map 65 acre “Republic of Pretendistan” Outdoor scenario field hosts open Airsoft skirmish days at least twice a month during the outdoor season from early March until late November, throughout the season groups often operate during the night or into the evening. We host Airsoft big games and scenario games annually when the field is closed to paintball this allows the Airsoft community to operate on the entire complex.

Can I host a game?

Airsoft is encourages and welcomed at Flag Raiders if you are interested in hosting or organizing a group please feel free to contact us and we can help arrange a day packed with skirmishes.

Safety Equipment

Flag Raiders requires that all AEG’s, rifles or shotguns, have the factory barrel plug or an approved paintball BBD (barrel blocking device on at all times in and around the staging area), pistols must be holstered.

Often at the Outdoor field Airsoft and Paintball missions/operations/skirmishes are taking place simultaneously, on these days Paintball Approved Goggles must be worn at all times on the field for the participants protection.

Can I wear Airsoft or Ballistic Goggles at Flag Raiders?

During special events when only Airsoft is using the field and it is closed to Paintball, Airsoft players are welcome to wear Ballistic or Airsoft Goggles that have been approved by Flag Raiders.  The list is available and can be emailed to you.

What kind of BB’s can I use?

Outdoor – Bio BB’s only.

How much does it cost to play Airsoft at Flag Raiders?

Regular open and skirmish days at the Outdoor field the cost is $25.00 plus tax (most often lunch is included BBQ hot dogs and a canned beverage or a bottle of water.)