We need your support!  Grab yourself a year membership that will start once the quarantine has been lifted! 

Enjoy a full year of paintball at either one of Flag Raiders flagship locations, Indoor located at 483 Conestogo Road in Waterloo or our massive Outdoor located at 425 Bingemans in Kitchener.  both locations offer excitement for everyone.

Members get

$6.00 entry

$25.00 500 paintballs

10 % off retail purchases at the proshop

Exclusive Member deals…

*member paint is for members only and cannot be shared with non members.

*member discount does not apply to Airsoft or Speedball

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Flag Raiders Indoor Field & Store
483 Conestogo Road
Waterloo, ON

Flag Raiders Outdoor Field
425 Bingemans Centre Drive
Kitchener, ON

Phone: 519-653-3322

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