Want to play paintball 24/7?  Flag Raiders Indoor Paintball Facility has got you covered.  Centrally located on the border of Kitchener and Waterloo and just a short drive from Cambridge, Elmira, Guelph and Brantford, our fully turfed indoor facility is a paintball player’s dream.

The multiple props, vehicles and buildings in Vice City provide players with endless possibilities.  From attack and defend, rescue the hostage and capture the flag, to name only a few, our skilled Adventure Specialists will lead you and your group through a variety of games.  It’s a different game every time you play.  Adjust your strategy and communicate with your team mates while you work together towards a common goal.

Offering a generously sized speedball field with regulation bunkers, your job is to grab the flag and get to your opponent’s side without getting eliminated.  Identical on either end, it’s anyone’s game.  Cheer on your friends from the sidelines and share in their victory.

Flag Raiders is pleased to offer low impact “Half Splat” paintball in addition to traditional paintball.  All the fun and thrill of paintball with less impact, Half Splat is ideal for players age 8 and up.

Looking for a venue for a birthday or team party, club outing or family get together?  Ask about our on site party rooms, available free of charge.

Flag Raiders also hosts paintball tournaments, special events and corporate events.  We don’t just do paintball, we are paintball.

Watch for our upcoming Family Day, PA Day and March Break specials!

The Indoor Field is available 24/7 by advance reservation. Please call 519-570-2769 to book. *Minimum booking required.