2019 Calendar of Events

Sunday April 28th Paintfest  Free Entry, Free Rentals and Demo Day… Play Low Impact, Traditional .68, MagFed (Soul Reaper Sunday).
May 14th Mission Tuesday Nights 5-8:30-9 (dusk) Sunset 8:40pm, 19 Nights
Saturday June 22nd Summer Solstice Slam over 12 hours of continuous play 9am-9:06pm sunset
July 2nd to August 27th Mission Tuesdays Noon to Dusk
July 21st Summer Big Game (theme/genre TBD)
October 5th & 6th The Revenge…Battle Royale
Sunday October 27th Airsoft Only Big Game
Saturday Nov 2nd Magfed Big Game
Sunday November 24th Rogue Elf
April 28th, May 26th, June 16th, August 11th and September 15th Soul Reaper Sunday Magfed Games
***these games run on separate fields in conjunction with our regular recreational weekend play