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Splatmaster Nights at the Indoor Field happens one Thursday a month!

Splatmaster is a low impact shooting activity similar to paintball for ages 8+.  The Splatmaster ammo is smaller, flies slower and breaks easier than traditional paintballs, making it the ideal starting platform for Operators young and old!  Participants will play a variety of game types on two unique, fully turfed fields, including Flag Raiders Vice City; an urban style setting with buildings and vehicles and Flag Raiders custom SupAir speedball field which features dozens of inflatable bunkers.  

Each player will be equipped with a z200 pump action shotgun-style marker and integrated full-face mask and goggles system.

We suggest your participants come prepared with the following items:
Sturdy and secure closed-toe footwear (with tied laces, no Crocs or sandals please)
Long sleeve shirt and pants
A cap or light toque