Outdoor Calendar Of Events:


Traditionally a near sell-out since the inaugural event in 2006. Red Dawn has become more than just the kick-off event of the paintball season in Ontario – It’s become a sporting spectacle, with players often dressed in authentic Russian Winter camouflage and Rebel attire as they try to blend into the snow covered terrain. This year Red Dawn 12 “UNDER SIEGE” will be no different. The battle begins with the Communist Forces firmly entrenched in the City and Military Outpost, the young Rebel Militia must fight to take back what is theirs. We are now recruiting warriors, beginners or seasoned veterans for this annual epic winter battle.

This series is based loosely on the original 1985 fictional movie of the same name, after a Russian, Cuban, Chinese and North Korean lead invasion of the United States. This winter series big game pits two Super Powers together as they face off to see who will gain dominance for the day and bragging rights for the year. Scores for Big Games are based on player eliminations and territory domination. As always our two favourite Behind the Bunker celebrity generals will be leading the forces, Josh “ZUBY” Zubrickas for the Americans and Gavin “ZEE” Sharma for the Communists.

Pencil in the first Sunday of March on your calendar every year and join us at Flag Raiders Paintball for Red Dawn a Winter Big Game.

For more information visit or email for full recruitment packages or for up to the minute news briefs and promotional videos, & or call to register 519-653-3322. Packages, including team selection and paintballs can be purchased online at Complete rental packages are available; this event is open to all players, individuals, groups or teams regardless of skill level and experience.


Splatmaster Nights at the Indoor Field happens one Thursday a month!

Splatmaster is a low impact shooting activity similar to paintball for ages 8+.  The Splatmaster ammo is smaller, flies slower and breaks easier than traditional paintballs, making it the ideal starting platform for Operators young and old!  Participants will play a variety of game types on two unique, fully turfed fields, including Flag Raiders Vice City; an urban style setting with buildings and vehicles and Flag Raiders custom SupAir speedball field which features dozens of inflatable bunkers.  

Each player will be equipped with a z200 pump action shotgun-style marker and integrated full-face mask and goggles system.

We suggest your participants come prepared with the following items:
Sturdy and secure closed-toe footwear (with tied laces, no Crocs or sandals please)
Long sleeve shirt and pants
A cap or light toque